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Founded by Michael Lanteri over 30 years ago, the Lanteri Partners Group has grown to become a trusted Wealth Manager servicing a wide range of clients across Australia & overseas. Over the years, Michael has masterfully transitioned the spotlight from himself to the skillful Lanteri team and the vibrant culture we’ve cultivated.

Today, our company operates autonomously through a unified vision that embodies our core values: intellectual expertise, seamless teamwork, genuine care, and a turnkey approach to serving our clients. The team at Lanteri prioritises continuity, nurturing both our established philosophy and the enduring legacy of our still very much active founder.

Lanteri Partners Group

Lanteri Partners Group was formed 30 years ago, in an effort to help people live and retire well using tailored financial services. Today, the company offers services across financial planning, accounting and taxation, property and equities investment, superannuation and retirement planning, estate planning, business advice, personal and business finance and expat services. The company prides itself on building lifelong relationships with our clients by developing a deep understanding of their lifestyles and goals.

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Who is Medici Invest

Medici Invest is a new online solution by the Lanteri Partners group. It was established to extend our expertise to individuals across Australia, assisting them in building wealth and attaining financial freedom. After the success of Lanteri Partners Group, we wanted to find a way to leverage this expertise and share our knowledge with the rest of the country.

With a wide range of investment portfolio types and a full-time dedicated investment management team , Medici Invest has the skills, resources, and experience to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

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