We understand that not all of our investors have the time to learn about a wide range of investment assets, or constantly assess and adapt to evolving market conditions. But we aim to educate and empower them to start making the best possible financial decisions.

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About Medici

At Medici Invest, we are committed to helping people grow their wealth and achieve their financial goals. Our mission is to guide the next generation of financially astute professionals and contribute to building a well-informed and financially successful society.

Medici Invest draws inspiration from the real-life Medici family, renowned for their innovations in banking and patronage of the arts during the Renaissance era.

Medici Invest is backed by Lanteri Partners Group, an experienced financial group with over 30 years’ experience providing tailored financial services.

Medici Invest offers expert, proactive portfolio management including an environmentally sustainable investing option. Our portfolio options are easy to set up and offer access to exclusive insights for a strong financial future.

Feel free to reach out to us or explore our website to learn more about our investment philosophy, portfolios, process, and the legacy of the Medici family that inspired us.

About You

Absolutely. Medici Invest was specifically designed to make investing easy and stress-free, catering to both experienced investors and those new to the world of investments.

To get started, simply choose an investment portfolio, complete the short application form, transfer funds through BPAY or direct bank transfer, and start monitoring your portfolio’s performance.

Yes, you can switch between investment portfolios based on your changing financial goals and risk tolerance. Our team will be happy to guide you on the process.

Yes, you will be able to access your investment portfolio via the Openwealth app. All you need to do is log in with your Medici Invest credentials.

Any generated income is automatically allocated to cash within the portfolio and reinvested based on current weightings upon reaching the minimum investment threshold. However, during account setup, investors can opt for quarterly withdrawals, specifying the desired income percentage they would like withdrawn.

General Portfolio Information

Medici Invest offers five model investment portfolios. The Michelangelo (Active Income), The Da Vinci (Moderate Growth), and The Galileo (High Growth) are each tailored to different risk tolerance levels and financial goals. Then we have the Green Horizons and Future Shapers portfolios, which are strategically aligned to target emerging themes.

Medici Invest uses tactical asset allocation, diversification, and constant review to optimise portfolio performance and manage risks effectively.

Our dedicated Investment Committee Team ensures ongoing agility, allowing us to adapt to market changes and promptly rebalance portfolios when needed to optimise performance.

Investors acquire individual accounts, not pooled funds. Your portfolio comprises distinct assets, ensuring transparency, control, and tailored management, aligned precisely with your financial goals and preferences.

A risk profile quiz helps investors determine their risk tolerance, financial aspirations, and investment preferences, guiding them towards suitable investment strategies.

It is important to note that the output of a risk profile quiz should not be considered financial advice.

All of your investments are legally held on trust by the custodian, Link Fund Solutions (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Link Group, a market-leading provider of technology-enabled solutions to the financial and corporate markets) but beneficially owned by you and kept separate to the portfolios of other investors. In the extreme and unlikely event that something happened to OpenInvest/Medici Invest, your securities would be safely held on your behalf by the custodian.

Green Horizons Portfolio

The Green Horizons Portfolio is an investment portoflio that focuses on companies that are at the forefront of the global energy transition. This portfolio was created to offer an investing solution which allows investors to take part in this global transformative shift whilst also promoting a positive impact on the planet.

ESG investing factors in ethical, social and governance considerations, acknowledging their material impact on returns. This doesn’t necessarily entail investing for a particular social benefit, but rather involves the consideration of ESG factors in investment decision-making.

The Green Horizons portfolio does not screen investments based on ESG considerations.

Medici Invest selects assets for the Green Horizons Portfolio through research, risk assessment, diversification, and alignment with the global energy transition, aiming for both financial returns and positive environmental impact.

Sustainable investing allows investors to align their investments with global sustainability goals, future-proof portfolios, and gain exposure to innovative and growing industries.

Future Shapers Portfolio

The Future Shapers Portfolio targets investments in the evolving landscape of tomorrow, anticipated to experience profound structural changes. It seeks out visionary companies, industries and emerging markets that are poised to transform how we live through innovative products, services, or business models.

Disruption investing seeks to identify and capitalise on emerging trends and innovations that have the potential to significantly alter the way businesses operate, create new markets, or render existing ones obsolete.

Da Vinci Portfolio

The Da Vinci Portfolio is designed for investors who want a balanced mix of risk and return, offering moderate growth and downside protection.

Galileo Portfolio

The Galileo Portfolio, our high growth portfolio option, is tailored for investors willing to embrace higher risk for potential substantial long-term growth, best suited for those with a long investment horizon.

Michelangelo Portfolio

The Michelangelo portfolio is suitable for investors with a lower risk tolerance, seeking capital preservation and stable returns. These investors typically have a preference for income generation over capital appreciation.

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