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Ride the Waves of Change by Investing in the Future

Introducing Future Shapers—an investment avenue tailored to embrace forward-thinking enterprises that hold the key to shaping tomorrow’s landscape.. This is a dynamic investment path designed to prepare for tomorrow’s successes today. Seize growth, nurture global views, chart a prosperous path.

These transformative industries possess the potential to reshape the world through their innovative products, services, and business models. Naturally, tapping into these trends ahead of time can offer substantial opportunities for investors.

Central to the Future Shapers Portfolio is a nuanced allocation strategy. Domestic and international equities are thoughtfully weighted, guided by themes and technologies poised to carve the trajectory of future economies. This visionary perspective ensures that investors can leverage the power of transformative industries, capitalising on the tide of emerging trends that redefine progress.

Future Shapers is a strategy for anyone who wants to be part of building a brighter world with life-changing and innovative technology, exciting new social initiatives, and visionary ventures that can change the shape of the future. This portfolio isn’t just an investment; it’s an active participation in shaping the future.


Why Choose Future-Focused Investing?

Investing in emerging trends is exciting, not only because it has such a strong possibility of promising returns, but because investors are playing their part in history by contributing to revolutionary innovation investments. These investments can contribute to building a better world with a myriad of possibilities.

The Future Shapers Portfolio actively seeks out opportunities within a diverse spectrum of transformative themes and industries. This includes identifying emerging sectors that are poised to reshape global landscapes, such as sustainable technologies, renewable energy, healthcare innovations, and consumer behavioural shifts. We also look to participate in emerging markets that are undergoing major cultural and economics shifts, set to greatly influence the future landscape. Countries like China, India, and other developing markets demonstrating potential for substantial growth and innovation.

That said, this style of investing does hold risks, as the concept centres around investing early into industries and markets that may still be in their infancy. Our role is to find the themes or assets poised to shape the future and navigating the risks to our investors. We work to invest in themes which are innovative, have scalable ecnomics, and adapt quickly to a rapidly evolving landscape.

Sample the Future Shapers Portfolio

The following tabs offers a glimpse into the diverse range of companies included in our portfolio, from emerging leaders to industry titans. It’s important to note that these examples represent just a fraction of the upto 200 companies investors gain exposure to within the portoflio, typically held across ETFs or Managed Funds. 

This sneak peek aims to provide investors with an understanding of the types of innovative themes we follow and the breadth of our investment strategy.

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. It's a pivotal theme for portfolios focused on future disruption as it's the backbone of modern-day innovation —streamlining decision-making, automating operations, and driving efficiency across all sectors, making it a cornerstone of modern technological evolution and growth potential.

Unlocking AI Potential | Portfolio Highlights

microsoft investment portfolio

Microsoft stands as a cornerstone in AI’s evolution, not only through Azure’s vast cloud capabilities enabling AI and analytics but also as OpenAI’s key partner.  

Microsoft provides substantial investment and computational resources to fuel pioneering AI research and innovation, essential for driving future technological advancements.

nvidia investment portfolio

After commencing a core business model targeting graphics and gaming, NVIDIA has transformed into a leader in AI and deep learning with its powerful GPUs driving advancements in machine learning, autonomous vehicles, and data centers.

NVIDIA’s powerful GPUs and AI platforms are crucial for processing massive data sets efficiently, making advanced machine learning and AI more accessible across industries and applications.

Asml investment portfolio

ASML is critical to AI’s infrastructure, providing photolithography systems needed for producing advanced semiconductors that enable cutting-edge AI computing capabilities.

A lithography machine is essentially a highly sophisticated printer used in the manufacturing of computer chips.

Blockchain is a decentralised ledger technology where transaction data is immutably recorded. This is the foundational technology for cryptocurrencies, enabling secure, transparent peer-to-peer transactions without a central authority.

Blockchain Integration | Portfolio Highlights

bitcoin investment portfolio

Bitcoin represents the growing acceptance of digital assets, and taps into the blockchain technology’s transformative economic potential. This exposure is obtained via an ETF on the ASX; combining secure storage and liquidity.

Coinbase investment portfolio

Coinbase, as a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, offers direct exposure to the blockchain and digital currency revolution, highlighting innovation and growth in decentralized financial services within our portfolio.

block inc investment portfolio

Block, Inc., formerly known as Square, Inc., is a financial services and digital payments company. It facilitates payment processing solutions, peer-to-peer money transfer, and flexible business finance options through its multiple platforms. Its integration of blockchain technology with Square’s Cash App allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Disruption refers to the significant transformation of traditional business models, by innovative technologies, business strategies, or demographic shifts. Exposure to industry disruption is crucial as it captures growth from groundbreaking changes, harnessing emerging trends that redefine markets and consumer behavior for potential high returns.

Disruptive Potential | Portfolio Highlights

crispr investment portfolio

CRISPR Therapeutics is pioneering gene-editing, utilising CRISPR/Cas9 technology to develop gene-based medicines for serious diseases, fundamentally altering the field of genetic medicine.

CRISPR/Cas9 is a revolutionary tool that edits genes, enabling scientists to alter DNA sequences and modify gene function for research or medical use.

da vinci surgery investment portfolio

Intuitive Surgical Inc. is a pioneer in the field of robotic-assisted, minimally invasive surgery. The company’s flagship product, the da Vinci Surgical System, was one of the first of its kind to be approved by the FDA and has transformed the way surgeries are performed.

Their continuous innovation in medical technology, training, and services has positioned them as a leader in the healthcare sector, especially in the surgical robotics space.

uber investment portfolio

Uber revolutionised personal transport and the gig economy by introducing a rideshare platform, leveraging technology to connect drivers with passengers efficiently.

Uber is further expanding its disruptive efforts into food delivery with Uber Eats, freight shipping with Uber Freight, and exploring car rental and advertising services.

The EV (Electric Vehicle) industry encompasses the design, production, and sale of electric-powered vehicles. Promising significant growth alongside the global shift towards sustainable transport. Their role in the global energy transition is critical in the fight to decarbonise the planet.

Unlocking EV Potential | Portfolio Highlights

tesla investment portfolio

Founded over two decades ago by renowned innovator Elon Musk, Tesla has surged to the forefront of the EV market with its commitment to sustainable transportation and advanced energy storage solutions.

With global EV adoption still in its early stages, market leaders like Tesla and BYD have significant growth potential. Both companies are expected to play pivotal roles in shaping the future of the automotive industry.

Byd investment portfolio

BYD stands as a major electric vehicle manufacturer, offering a diverse range of cars, buses, and trucks, as well as batteries, furthering the EV revolution.

With global EV adoption still in its early stages, market leaders like Tesla and BYD have significant growth potential.

samsung investment portfolio

Samsung plays a pivotal role within the expansion of the EV industry, providing advanced lithium-ion batteries that are crucial for powering a wide range of electric vehicles.

E-commerce represents the transacting of goods and services over the internet. This global shift in consumer behaviour towards online shopping refleccts a structural transformation and allows us to tap into rapid growth, innovation, and the emergence of large global players.

E-Commerce Dominance | Portfolio Highlights

Amazon investment portoflio

Amazon is the titan of e-commerce, setting the global standard for online shopping with its vast product selection, innovative delivery solutions, and cloud services platform.

visa investment portfolio

Visa and Mastercard are pivotal in e-commerce, providing secure, reliable digital payment solutions that facilitate seamless transactions worldwide, essential for online marketplaces.

Shopify Adobe

Shopify empowers merchants with user-friendly tools to build online stores, making e-commerce accessible to businesses of all sizes and driving market diversity.

The energy transition to renewable energy marks a global shift from fossil fuels to sustainable sources like solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. This structural change is vital for ithe Future Shapers portoflio as it represents a significant growth area fueled by the urgent need for decarbonisation and climate change mitigation.

A Sustainable Future | Portfolio Highlights

Vestas investment portfolio

Danish company Vestas is a global leader in manufacturing wind turbines, providing modern energy solutions that contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Their innovations in wind energy technology make them a key player in the renewable energy sector, ideal for the Future Shapers portfolio’s energy transition exposure.

Ecolab investment portfolio

Ecolab offers water, hygiene, and energy technologies and services that ensure clean water, safe food, abundant energy, and healthy environments.

Their solutions in water treatment and energy reduction support sustainable operations across industries, aligning with the Future Shapers portfolio’s dedication to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

nextera investment portfolio

As the world’s largest producer of wind and solar energy, NextEra Energy is a driving force behind the shift to renewable energy. They are not only leading the charge in clean energy generation but also in energy storage.

Emerging Markets refer to economies transitioning from low to middle income, characterized by rapid growth and industrialisation. Regions such as China, with its burgeoning middle class, and India, poised for urban expansion. These markets present unique opportunities driven by technological adoption, increasing consumer demand, and infrastructure development.

Emerging Potential | Portfolio Highlights

tsmc investment portfolio

TSMC is the world’s premier semiconductor foundry, pivotal for manufacturing advanced chips that power a wide range of technologies. Their innovative approach and capacity to supply critical components make them a strategic asset within the Future Shapers portfolio’s Emerging Markets theme.

tencent investment portfolio

Tencent is a Chinese multinational conglomerate, offering services in social networks, music, web portals, e-commerce, mobile games, and payment systems. As a dominant force in the digital space and a key contributor to the tech ecosystem in emerging markets such as China.

temu investment portfolio

PDD Holdings is a leading Chinese e-commerce platform known for its value-for-money merchandise and interactive shopping experience.

Temu is the international wing of PDD Holdings, known for its deep-discount e-commerce platform. It leverages a network of suppliers to offer low prices, free shipping, and additional discounts, appealing to consumers worldwide with a gamified shopping experience.

Property portfolios encompass diverse classes like commercial, retail, industrial, and residential real estate. Property complements a diversified investment portoflio due to its income stability and lower correlation to equity markets. The rise of data centers highlights the need for specialised commercial properties, while issues around housing affordability in developed countries underscore the enduring value and demand in the residential sector.

Pioneering Property | Portfolio Highlights

Data Centre investment portfolio

Data centers are facilities housing computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. They are critical for the infrastructure around cloud computing, handling the storage, management, and dissemination of data. 

In the broader property sector, data center REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) are a specialised growth area, providing infrastructure crucial to the digital economy’s backbone.

green building investment portfolio

Green Buildings prioritse sustainability through energy efficiency, environmentally friendly construction processes, and materials that reduce carbon footprints. This sub-sector enhances the broader property sector by meeting stringent standards for energy and environmental design.

Green Buildings are an excellent fit for the Future Shapers portfolio, aligning with global trends towards sustainability.

warehouse investment portfolio

These sub-sectors form the core of the property sector, encompassing warehouses, shopping spaces, and housing. Each responds differently to economic changes, providing diversification.

They’re key to Future Shapers for their foundational role in economic infrastructure and potential for long-term growth across varied market conditions.

bonds investment portfolio

Fixed Income

Maintaining an allocation to fixed income in an investment portfolio is essential for diversification, risk management, and income generation. Fixed income investments, such as government bonds, corporate notes, and private debt, offer varying degrees of risk and return. They typically provide regular interest payments, which can be a stable source of income.
Additionally, these assets often exhibit lower volatility compared to equities, making them an important tool for reducing overall portfolio risk. By spreading investments across different types of fixed income securities, investors can enhance portfolio resilience against market fluctuations and safeguarding against potential downturns in more volatile asset classes.
cash investment portfolio

Cash Holding

Maintaining a cash allocation in an investment portfolio is crucial for liquidity and flexibility. It enables investors to respond to market opportunities or needs without having to sell other investments, potentially at a loss.
Dividends and any other income generated from investments will flow into cash, allowing for strategic reinvestment that aligns with the portfolio's asset composition. This approach ensures that the portfolio remains diversified and well-positioned to capitalise on growth opportunities. You may also opt to have some income paid out to you as cash.

How We Structure Our Future Shapers Investment Portfolio

Our Investment Committee Team manages our future-focused investing strategy carefully with a combination of in-depth research, forward-thinking analysis, and continual risk mitigation. We constantly stay informed about emerging trends, technologies, and industry developments to ensure that our Future Shapers Portfolio is perfectly balanced.

It involves identifying disruptive trends and allocating capital to forward-thinking ventures that are pioneering these changes. Such disruptive trends can include advancements in artificial intelligence, biotechnology innovations, renewable energy technologies, e-commerce tech, and the rapid digitisation of traditional industries like agriculture.

Maintaining diversified portfolios is essential for risk management. It can help in reducing exposure to individual risks and creating a robust investment mix. With strategic allocations to asset classes such as fixed income, property, and utilities, this diversified approach enhances risk management and provides investors with a well-rounded investment strategy. With our Future Shapers portfolio, we conduct thorough research to ensure that we strike a balance between disruptive investments and more traditional, stable assets to manage risk effectively.

At Medici Invest, we have a dedicated Investment Committee Team who are incredibly agile. They have the ability to adapt swiftly to market changes, enabling them to optimise portfolio performance and minimise risk effectively. We can promptly rebalance our portfolios when needed, optimising asset allocation and maintaining performance targets.

The asset allocation of the Future Shapers portoflio is closely tied to the Galileo Model Portoflio, which both share a 80/20 asset split. This ensures that we mirror our collective desicion making as a commitee across all portoflios.


Is the Future Shapers Portfolio suitable for you?

The Future Shapers investor:

  • Is a true trailblazer with an innovative and risk-taking attitude.
  • Is all about future growth and trends. You “get” tech and probably stay up-to-date on the tech world.
  • Is adaptable, proactive, ambitious, and forward-thinking.
  • Has a global outlook and tends to be a game-changer. Your determination and dynamic nature drive progress and seize opportunities.
  • Above all, you’re willing to contribute to the growth of game-changing ventures to unicorn status.
Ride the Waves of Change

Disruptive Investing FAQs

The Future Shapers Portfolio targets investments in the evolving landscape of tomorrow, anticipated to experience profound structural changes. It seeks out visionary companies, industries and emerging markets that are poised to transform how we live through innovative products, services, or business models.

Disruption investing seeks to identify and capitalise on emerging trends and innovations that have the potential to significantly alter the way businesses operate, create new markets, or render existing ones obsolete.

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If you require assistance in determining whether an investment is right for you, you will need to speak to us about obtaining personal advice, which falls under our Lanteri Partners Financial Management service offering because it will be tailored specifically for you. The Medici Invest investing service is provided within OpenWealth, and via the OpenInvest Portfolio Service, ARSN 628 156 052, an IDPS-like managed investment scheme registered with ASIC under the Corporations Act and issued by Responsible Entity and Administrator, OpenInvest Limited (ACN 614 587 183, AFSL 504 155).

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