Sustainable Investing

Many people are showing growing interest in sustainable investing for various reasons, but all of them share a common goal. They want to actively participate in the global energy transition. They aim to contribute to a sustainable future for our society and planet by ensuring that their investments are positioned to make impacts on a global scale.

By investing in organisations that play a pivotal role in the worldwide energy transition, our investors can participate in this once-in-a-lifetime global economic revolution. The funds and investments that we select in our Green Horizons portfolio target those at the forefront of climate change action. We look to prioritise themes that drive the global energy transition, whilst also maintaining a diversified multi-asset approach, which spreads risk and mitigates poor performance in any single investment.

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What is Responsible Investing?

The financial sector faces confusion over Responsible Investing’s terminology. Terms have been thrown around such as ESG, negative screening, best-in-class, or impact investing. However, there is a growing consensus that Responsible Investing (RI) includes three primary approaches.

Responsible Investing include the following;

Involves negative screening of certain investments per ethical guidelines. For example, excluding tobacco, gambling, or adult entertainment in a portfolio to align investments with specific moral values and principles.

Involves screening in investments for desired positive social and environmental outcomes. These investments can focus on particular areas like reforming social justice, addressing climate change, or promoting accessible healthcare.

Incorporates broad ESG factors into fundamental investment analysis, acknowledging their material impact on returns. This doesn’t necessarily entail investing for a particular social benefit, but rather involves the consideration of ESG factors in investment decision-making.

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What is Sustainable Investing?

Medici Invest recognises the existence of diverse Responsible Investing models among investment managers. The Green Horizons portfolio centres on impact investing, emphasising green technology, the energy transition, and climate change action, collectively referred to as sustainable investing in our strategy.

Participating in renewable energy transition investments presents an exceptional economic opportunity. It’s a rare chance to be part of a monumental global shift towards sustainability, with potential for financial gains as we see broader global adoption. As the world increasingly embraces clean energy solutions, forward-thinking investors can both contribute to a greener planet and reap the rewards of this historic transformation.

When it comes time to invest your money, there are a multitude of options available. So, why not invest in businesses, organisations, or initiatives that align with the direction in which the world is moving?

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The Green Horizons Portfolio

At Medici Invest, we have a growing number of clients who are passionate about sustainable investing. But not only that; we are passionate about sustainability and creating a cleaner world.

That’s why we created the Green Horizons portfolio. This portfolio provides exposure to a diverse range of sustainable investment themes, including climate change, decarbonisation, renewable energy, and the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. These themes allow our investors to position their portfolios according to a world of tomorrow. This way, they can align their financial goals with companies that are contributing to a better world.

Portfolio Options

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Model Portfolios

When it comes to investing, we all have different goals in mind. Each of our investors has a unique approach according to their own circumstances and financial goals. From aggressive short-term tactics to a more relaxed and conservative long-term approach, there are a multitude of different ways to approach investing. We have developed three distinct managed Investment Portfolios to suit our different investors.

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Green Horizons

Our Green Horizons portfolio is an ethical investment product which works in the same way as our other investment portfolios; it prioritises getting the best results for our investors. But, unlike our other portfolios, Green Horizons focuses on industries and projects that satisfy a broad set of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors – a fusion of financial wisdom and environmental consciousness. 

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Future Shapers

Introducing Future Shapers—an investment avenue tailored to embrace forward-thinking enterprises that hold the key to shaping tomorrow’s landscape. This is a dynamic investment path designed to prepare for tomorrow’s successes today. Seize growth, nurture global views, chart a prosperous path. This portfolio isn’t just an investment; it’s an active participation in shaping the future.

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