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Step into the future with our innovative online investment solution, backed by Lanteri Partners, a respected Wealth Management firm that has stood by Australians for decades. Medici Invest provides access to sophisticated investment portfolios, previously reserved for full-service clients.

Utilising technology, we’ve made advanced investment strategies accessible to all. Our seamless online application process lets you open an account and select from our 5 diversified portfolios, initiating your investment journey in mere minutes.

Start your journey to financial freedom with Medici Invest.

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Ready to start growing your wealth? Medici Invest is an investment platform built by Lanteri Partners Group, a trusted business grown by a team of seasoned financial experts. We have over 30+ years of experience under our belts and have already helped countless clients to achieve financial success. Unlock the gateway to a selection of elite and sophisticated investment portfolios.

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 30+ Years’ Experience Providing Professional Financial Services

As the team behind Lanteri Partners Group, we already have over 30 years of experience under our belts. We have a proven track record of helping savvy investors achieve long-term financial success.

In-House Investment Committee Allowing Rapid Reactions To Market Forces

At Medici Invest, we have an in-house Investment Committee. This expert team of seasoned financial professionals can mobilise at a moment’s notice, responding rapidly to the latest market fluctuations and capitalising on new opportunities.

New Age Portfolios Aligned With Emerging Trends In Global Markets

We move with the times. We focus on the latest innovative assets with the best possible opportunities and can cater exclusively to investors who are interested in sustainable investing or disruptive investing.

Enabling Investors To Participate In The Growth Of Economies & Industries

When you invest with Medici Invest, you’re not just growing your wealth. We are proud to invest in assets we truly believe in, that are contributing to the betterment of society as well as emerging and innovative industries that support the growth of economies.

Super Streamlined Investment Process

Our mission is to give investors access to a range of investment portfolios – fast. We have designed our investment portfolios to meet the needs of time-poor investors. With Medici Invest, you can apply and get started in under five minutes.

Tactical Asset Allocation

We employ an active strategy that dynamically adjusts asset percentages to leverage market opportunities and protect against foreseeable risks. Unlike a Strategic Asset Allocation, which sticks to a single strategy, our approach allows us to actively respond to changing market conditions.

Educating Investors As Part Of Their Own Journey

We understand that not all of our investors have the time to learn about a wide range of investment assets, or constantly assess and adapt to evolving market conditions. But we aim to educate and empower them to start making the best possible financial decisions.

Utilising Smart Technology

Utilising the latest technology which allows investors to access and monitor their accounts, no matter where they are. Through the investment app, you can track your performance, access statements, download reports, and receive regular updates directly from the investment team.

Our Process
Our Process
Have you ever wondered how sophisticated investment portfolios are created? At Medici Invest, we’re passionate about helping Australians to grow and manage their wealth through investing.
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How it Works
How it Works
Most of our clients are busy, time-poor professionals. The rest? Well, they simply don’t want to waste their time on overly complicated application forms.
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Risk Profile
Risk Profile
Choosing to invest is exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time investor. To begin with, how do you choose an investment profile to suit your needs?
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Investment Portfolio Options

Option One

Model Portfolios

When it comes to investing, we all have different goals in mind. Each of our investors has a unique approach according to their own circumstances and financial goals. From more aggressive growth-oriented tactics to a more relaxed and conservative long-term approach, there are various ways to approach investing depending on your appetite for risk. We have developed three distinct managed Investment Portfolios to suit our different investors.

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Option Two

Green Horizons

The Green Horizons portoflio distinguishes itself by targeting industries and projects at the forefront of the global shift towards renewable energy. This portfolio is strategically designed to leverage the energy transition, advocating for and investing in the acceleration of clean, renewable energy sources worldwide. It represents a harmonious blend of financial acumen and a commitment to fostering a sustainable future.

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Option Three

Future Shapers

Introducing Future Shapers—an investment avenue tailored to embrace forward-thinking enterprises that hold the key to shaping tomorrow’s landscape. This is a dynamic investment path designed to prepare for tomorrow’s successes today. Seize growth, nurture global views, chart a prosperous path. This portfolio isn’t just an investment; it’s an active participation in shaping the future.

Future Innovation
The full package in wealth management. I was looking for an organisation that could look at all aspects of my finances and advise and assist me in wealth growth. Everywhere else only dealt with specific areas which is not effective when not taking into consideration other influencing factors. Lanteri has the full suite of experts that talk to each other to ensure you are on the most effective path in wealth management, continuing to review changes in your circumstances so make any necessary adjustments and keep you on track. Melbourne Dawn
"Lanteri Partners has managed our financial affairs for over a decade. The best judgment of a partner is not how they perform in the good times, it's how they perform in times of genuine uncertainty. Covid was such a time. When the first lockdowns came, I sent a note through to the investment committee letting them know that I was very glad to be a Lanteri Partners client at that time, and that I trusted their judgment implicitly. That faith has more than been rewarded - through their wise and considered stewardship we have come out the other side of Covid not just intact but very well positioned for the future. Enough said." Robert
“We have been very valued clients of Lanteri Partners for over a decade now and they have transformed all aspects of our financial affairs. Amongst a range of portfolios, our ‘Self-Managed’ Superannuation funds together with our revised investment strategy have provided positive financial results for us and set up our family for many years to come. Above all Lanteri’s are a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend them! Melbourne Josie and John
"As a client of Lanteri Partners for over 10 years I have been very happy with Lanteri's advice and guidance. Nothing is ever a bother and all the staff I have dealt with have been supportive, friendly and very understanding. Returns have been above market averages and we are always kept up to date with our portfolio's performance. I have been so happy with Lanteri that I suggested their services to my mother and my daughter has sought them out for financial advice. I highly recommend Lanteri Partners” Melbourne Paul
Over the years we've had a few different financial advisers, but ever since moving to Lanteri Partners, maybe 10 years ago (?), we feel that our financial circumstances have been significantly enhanced and the advice provided and additional services have been outstanding. Lanteri have been extremely helpful and have added value at every stage. They feel like an invested partner in our future rather than an arms length advisory. Tewantin Simon

Investment Partners

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Investment Platform FAQs

Medici Invest employs an active investment strategy that dynamically adjusts asset percentages to leverage market opportunities and protect against foreseeable risks. Unlike a Strategic Asset Allocation, which sticks to a single strategy, Medici Invest’s approach allows for active responses to changing market conditions. Medici Invest employs an active investment strategy that dynamically adjusts asset allocations to leverage market opportunities and protect against risks. This approach allows for a more responsive and adaptive investment process compared to the more static strategies employed by some other platforms. The active management by an in-house Investment Committee ensures that portfolios are continuously optimised based on current market conditions.

Medici Invest differentiates itself by providing access to sophisticated investment portfolios that were previously reserved for full-service clients. The platform is backed by Lanteri Partners Group, a wealth management firm with over 30 years of experience. Medici Invest leverages cutting-edge technology to offer a seamless online application process, allowing investors to open an account and start investing in under five minutes.

This ease of access and user-friendly interface is designed to cater to time-poor investors who may not have the time to manage their investments actively. The platform also offers an investment app for easy monitoring and management of investments, providing a high level of convenience and transparency.

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